Welcome to Medogory - the first in Ukraine online boutique of mountain honey and bee products from the Carpathians

Online boutique medogory.com.ua is created for people who wanna eat and heal itself with raw mountain honey and ambrosia of the ОRGANIC level.

We work for those who have a healthy lifestyle, value their time and worry about their health.

Now it's not necessary to go in the Carpathians to get these useful delicacies. We make all to deliver our honey and ambrosia from the Carpathians apiary to your home as soon as possible.

The high-mountainous carpathian apiary gives us honey, ambrosia, propolis from wild herbs that have not been exposed to pesticides, fertilizers, contaminated water and gassed air. Therefore, we are confident in the origin and quality of our Carpathian sweet gold.

The company is a producer. It sells products exclusively from own apiary and guarantees high quality and excellent taste. That is why it's limited to several varieties of honey and bee products.

There is no doubt that mountain honey will like to you and you would have each day this gift of Carpathian bees. We wish you good health and Carpathian longevity!